embracing change


As life seems to do quite often…it changes and plans do as well. I have learned to embrace change as it truly is the one of the very few givens in this life.

I spent two very chilly nights in Yosemite. It was glorious. I avoided the crowds ( which there were many) and found the more intimate details in this winter wonderland that goes by the name of Yosemite. I was entranced with the water flow. The colors, the flow, the rocks….just stunning. 

I camped at a place called Indian Springs. What a mess it was, but there was no other place to stay. Because of the heavy winter there were downed trees, mud slides and 5 vehicles and RVs which were totally destroyed by the high winds and trees down. When I paid for my site the genteleman said,” we aren’t expecting winds, but to be safe, don’t park under any trees!”

Okay then! I had a meltdown that night. I am not in any way shape or form mechanically inclined. I need things repeated to me numerous times for it to sink into this brain of mine. I couldnt figure out how to raise and lower my table. I was under the table as it slowly lowered and almost blocked me into a very uncomfortable position, my back screaming. I swore every word I could think of, and then I cried. I thought, what am I doing? I cant do this van life thing alone. I eventually laid the table out into the sofa and it remains that way still!

I didn’t turn my heater on that night as I don’t like the noise, or the heat. That was a mistake. I awoke the next morning to ice inside my windows and a temperature reading inside of 30 degrees. Outside, a balmy 12 degrees.

I spent one and a half days wandering about the valley, with my camera gear on my back. There were so many people and buses of more people, I sought out trails and areas that looked less crowded. While walking among the trees and at the base of the majestic mountains of Yosemite, I felt blessed. The silence was magical, the snow was thick and quite lovely.

I have been landlocked in Santa Cruz for about a month. My plan was to try a new back treatment, which I was very hopeful for. My hopes were high that relief would be certain. The insurance company is making it very difficult for this to happen. I could stick around for another month, but reality is, the chances of this even working are slim. 

I have a healer in Santa Fe that did work on my back last year . He is one of the most compassionate beings I know, and I feel he truly cares about my pain situation. We spoke the other day and he truly thinks he can help me get rid of this pain that has been plaguing me for a number of years.

So the great thing is, I am hitting the road in less than a week! To say I am ready to give this van life a go is an understatement. I will head south, most likely following the California coast crossing over at Anzo Borrego as I hear the rains should be delivering a most amazing bloom. Then, head into Tucson, and to Sante Fe, where I will be for a bit in order to receive treatment on my back. 

Then, possibly heading into southern Utah, Colorado up into Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and then across the Pacific Northwest landing at my daughters in Northern Calif for the holidays.

With all that being said. Plans change. Circumstances change. I am okay with this. I embrace it actually. I am letting go of expectation and hope as I find it only brings heartache.

Part of the adventure is not really knowing. My plan was never to have a plan. I’m sticking by this. My one tentative plan is to see as many rivers that I can. I am hoping to do some kind of project involving Wild and Scenic Rivers and other in between. I have developed a fascination with water. I can sit alongside a rivers edge and get lost in its undulation, finding its way..

Which, I guess it’s what we are all trying to do…finding our way.

Thankyou for following along!



2 thoughts on “embracing change

  1. Darlene Biondi casas

    Yosemite looks like you took some great photos You have a wonderful attitude Laura. Your trip will be a positive experience for you and you will give us marvelous photos of your trip. Have fun!!!!! Love you mom


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