i have come to realize that home is so much more than 4 walls….

from the time i was 5 years old, i was running away. all through my sixty years, i have been searching, for something.

my friend, David once said to me…” i realized you havent been running from anything, but towards something.” that was said to me many years ago. i now realize, i was always looking for home, not realizing it was within. so, i wasnt running from you, or from this or that, but in reality I was running towards me.

i now know…home is when i am my most authentic self. the self that doesnt put on masks, titles, or expectations. that place where fear and insecurities dont exist. the self that is raw in every way. meaning, i am simply, who i am, in the moment. it is here, in this sweet revelation, that i have discovered home. no story lines. no needing to know, anything.

northern washington, snoqualamie falls

my intention in this blog post was to introduce you to my”home” on wheels. instead, i would like to introduce you to “Fitzroy”…the wheels that will fill my life with adventure. with new sunrises and sunsets every single day. the wheels that will encourage me to delve into my creative..that place where i am alive and amazed and wanting to share with you.


i have to admit i was scared to death to follow thru with this “vanlife.” thoughts swirling within telling me there was no way i would follow through. i typically don’t, allowing fear to win, and me to change course. i was always afraid if i did this, i might miss out on that…

what a crazy way to live.

i want to live for those who have passed. for those who are filled with disease of the emotional or physical types, that cant live life as they wish. i want to live for those, like my friend Karl who said once when i asked if he had surfed that day..his response” im too busy.” my response to him…”too busy to live?”

life is, in fact…so much more.

white river falls..tygh valley

mary oliver said,” instructions, for living a life…pay attention. be astonished. tell about it.”

i am here to tell you about it…with nothing but love in my heart… and a creative life in my soul

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