a new chapter

i begin again….

in a few days a dream that has been germinating for years will come to fruition. years ago as my late husband and i dreamt of seeing the United States in a RV, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. my father offered to help us in purchasing the rig, but reality struck and we realized michael just wasnt strong enough. the past couple of years my boyfriend , michael and i were living the dream, traveling in his RV seeing the southwest. as things do, we changed…he went his way, and i went mine.

i am headed to pick up my sprinter van, which i have named “Fitzroy”, after the majestic mountain in South America, which has captivated me ever since i laid eyes on it 5 years ago. with the help of freedom vans and michael (my ex ), i designed my home on wheels. my journey begins.

i have decided not to lay plans as plans so often change, but merely go where the winds take me. adventure, photographing and writing will have time to flourish and my heart to soar on the wings of freedom.

my heart is so alive when i am on the road, experiencing new places, new people, and new possibilities.

please follow along if you like. i delight in sharing with others in the hopes it will inspire you to follow your dreams. 

“tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one, wild and precious life?” 

mary oliver 


7 thoughts on “a new chapter

  1. You are such a blessing gal and your words and experiences DO inspire me and others to follow our dreams! It really was because of me first seeing you and your journey on Instagram that I decided not to wait to search for Journey, my adventure mobile and put fear aside of the unknown. Thank you for sharing your story. I look forward to hugging you through your blog posts and where the wind takes you! Hugs! – Owl

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    1. grasshopper

      Thankyou darlin! That means a lot! Let’s meet up while I’m traveling along! Remind me where you are and when I’m close I will shout out!


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